India in a Flow (soundslide)

En lidt bedre måde at vise sine feriebilleder på…

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2 Responses to India in a Flow (soundslide)

  1. I just finished watching the entire soundslide. Thanks for sharing, it captures your experience of India beautifully.
    As an added benefit, I got to see a picture of Han (Henriette’s mom) for the first time as so far she was only a name to me.
    I hope all of you are fantastically well. Give my love to everyone and sending a big hug to you.

    • Kathrine skriver:

      Sorry, did not see ur comment before today. As my website is quite new, I am not used to check if there are any comments…

      Thanks for the nice words, though there are too many photos presented within the 2,30 minutes the music takes. But it is hard to kill ur darlings!

      I wish you could experience my newer (and much better!) soundslides and podcasts which are made in a journalistic way. But the language is in Danish – so it will not make a lot of sense to u. Unfortunately…
      Cu there. U know where!
      Cheers, Kathrine

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